Laughing In The Face Of Death

by Unscene Patrol

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The debut album from indie-pop rock band Unscene Patrol!


released June 18, 2011



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Track Name: Shadows
Sunshine comes with early morning rise
Starshine comes with steady sleep in my eyes
Light's glare hangs on the window pane there
I swear I've never seen more peaceful air

And I hear your voice
Call my name
The silence before the storm
Is all to blame

Let me see shadows
So I know you’re watching me
Let me see shadows
So i know im walking into victory
Shadows lead me

Moonlight please help me to shine so bright
I wish I may I wish I might
Be shown the lining silver in the sky

Starlight starbright
First star I see tonight
I wish I may I wish I might
Beg of you a prayer tonight
Starlight starbright
First star I see tonight
I wish I may I pray I might
Beg of you a prayer tonight
Shadows lead me
Track Name: Fiction
This wont be a story to make you smile
This is never intended to change your mind
Sometimes the hard truth echoes through your head
But sometimes the truth comes alive

This aint fiction
This aint camaraderie
This is standing alone
Holding your heartbeat
This aint fiction
But its not reality
It’s like dreaming the future
While youre out of body
This aint fiction
This aint fantasy

You had a hole in youre side where your breath ran out
You have a lie in your mind thats escaping
There's a hole in your hand where your care spilled out
This is the part where you gave in

There’s a faster pace
A harder race
A stronger mace
In your dreams
There’s a safer base
A larger place
A secret space
In your story book ending
Track Name: Dark Horse
There’s no faith
No happy ending
But a bright light
She’ll never reach
There’s no high
There’s many fading
But the eastern sky
And many will finally see

There’s no break
The continual pounding
So much hate
In a world claiming to be free
There’s no peace
No victorious trumpeting
Fireworks light the sky
In failing wars with no prevailing peace

But if you believe
In someone who will save you
If you believe
In something more than yourself
Then you’ll see the trumpets call
And the pains of your heart dissolve
You’ll be taken to the kingdom of love

Here’s a fairytale
Of a story within a story
Where you are
The heartbeat within the drum
There’s a role to play
She’s just gotta take it
If she’s meant to
Believe in the love in herself

No one believes in a dark horse
No one believes in the underdog
No one believes in something they can’t see
But if it was easy
If it was easy wouldnt the point be void
Track Name: Traffic (Feat. Sarah Rouse)
Here I am comin down
With the roof of my car bein loud
With the rain tappin out
Just couldnt stand to wait
There it is just out of reach
Home sweet home but I’m stuck on the street
Oh, for the love of humanity
Why oh why me

Why is traffic such a pain?
I can curse under my breath but it’d be in vain
I guess I’m just stuck here waitin
Will you watch at the window
And wait for me to show
If not then I guess I’ll just go back home
Sure I don’t blame you for wanting to keep on moving on

Why isn’t my life
The way I pictured it to be
Living on a dime
Putting the hurt in my memory
I know you’re trying hard to provide
But without you
Tears fall from my eyes
Why oh why me

Why is traffic such a pain
Time without you here drives me insane
Leaves me in question of who is to blame
I’ll be watching out the window
Don’t know if you’re gonna show
If not I guess I’ll just be alone
Sure I don’t blame you for wanting to keep on moving on

I wont blame
Because you were waiting
I know that you tried
I know the fault is all mine
It was a picture perfect life
I know I cant provide
I just wanted it stable
And I know I’m able

Why Is traffic such a pain
This car right in front of me is in my way
I want to get back, I’ve got something to say
I can see through the window
And Im unsure if I see you
If not I guess I’ll just be alone
Sure I don’t blame you for wanting to keep on moving on 

Track Name: White Noise
There’s a noise inside my head
Here’s a eulogy for the static
And the truth cries out the question why

Theres no use to listen through
The white noise echoes past
Any interpretation
From your mind

Theres white noise running through my head

There’s a current running through
With no circuit breaker
With no conduction taker
With white noise running through my head
There’s a current running hot
With a frayed wire
Starting a fire
There’s white noise infecting again

There’s a beat inside my blood
A rhythm in my circulation
The melody cant break through it's constricted

In the noisy mess in me
Theres grace in our forgiveness
Just let it break through
Eject it

All I can say is how amazing you are
All I can do is let you overflow my heart
The overflow of the soul
Is where the living words are spoke
How great you are
Track Name: Laughing In The Face Of Death
The night sky, night sky is falling
The night sky, night sky is breaking apart
The night sky, bright sky is coming down on me
The bright sky, night sky is shining

I’m coming down
I’m falling
I’m blacking out
I’m losing my breath
I’m rolling round
I’m tumblin
I’m living out
I’m laughing in the face of death

Due to this change
Due to this feeling
I will do what is due
For what you choose to go through

The sunlight, sunlight is shrinking
The sunshine, the sunlight is growing dim
The starlight, starbright is poking holes in the air
The sunshine, starshine they’re trading roles

The timeline, timeline is moving
The stopwatch, stopwatch is ticking faster than it had seemed
The early years, past tears are withered away
But there’s nothing else newer and the choices we choose are for our lives today
Track Name: Miracle
I’m calling for a miracle
For the wanna-be’s and has-beens
I’m calling for hope
I’m calling for something to believe in
They search for you and your
Your life you so desperately gave them to find
I’m calling for them to not lose hope
For them to search for what to believe in

There’s a voice
They can’t hear
There’s a voice
They can’t hear
It’s like the sound of a rushing wind
Blowing silently on a cool calm day
You can feel it
But there’s no way to tell if its here

I’m praying for the blind man
Who thinks he can see so crisply
I’m begging for the beggars
To be fed with food to last
I have no head above them
No plateau to stand above
But please let them hold onto hope
Let them hold onto the hope of your love

Let the miracle be to hear
Life is incredible
But we are so numb
Life is beautiful
But we are so numb
Life is powerful
But we are so numb
Life is a miracle
But we are so numb
Track Name: Fights To Fight
This is my first breath
This is my eyes opening
This is my whole heart
On my sleeve

I gotta go
Go run my own races for a while
I gotta move
Move my own mountains
I hope you can see what Im sayin
I hope you can meet me halfway
I hope you can keep on saying your prayers
For me because
I got my own fights to fight

I’m finally seeing clearly
But what I see is kind of muddy
Not the prettiest thing I’ve seen
Not what I was expecting

I can’t see where I’m going
And I don’t know if I’ll be back
I’m trusting in the one
Who has always been my safety net
Track Name: Breaking Out Of State
I spoke to her in a way I saw fit
The way of aggression I'm stubborn where I sit
I used fairytales as truths and ways to unfold
My mind and my spirit which before was untold

I'm breaking out of state
I wont make that mistake
I’m breaking out of state
Oh, oh

I'm walking right through the invisible walls
Looking on with redemption as I hear crying calls
Never once saw how the symphony falls
There is no wall of fame just glorified false halls

My anger and feeling I tried to keep within
But I exploded and acted as I fell into sin
She walked away crying and I walked away torn
Leaving was not rebirth it was becoming unborn

I'm walking out of walls
I'm cracking out my calls
I've never seen these falls
I'm leaving these false halls

Live and let live is an idealistic thought
But the relevant truth is I'm not what I'm not
There's no shame in the act you're just ashamed you were caught
While values and love are thrown in corners to rot
We think we can get away with our scheme
Digging our own graves, setting up our murder scene
Little do we know there’s a God who always sees
Who shows us how were meant to be seen
Let our shadows be signs for the light that still shines
While we hold on together for our dear lives
Push through, take the hit, roll with the punches
Follow a God who we can live and breath with
Track Name: Cold Weather
My face is not my identity
My father can you hear me
I’ve been falling down
My words have burned my own tongue
As a double-edged sword I speak not in love
I’ve been tearing down my brothers

I know something isn’t right
I know theres something I could’ve done better
I know I’m not always in the right
Sometimes my heart just shivers with the cold weather

My lips don’t know what they speak
I cant carry this burden my shoulders are weak
I keep crying out
I keep breaking vows
Who’s reflection is that I see

I can see my breath whats emitting is dirty
My words are black
My heart is filthy
I can see my breath whats emitting is dirty
My words are black
My heart feels empty
Track Name: Bite The Bullet
The student teaches the master
The master cant comprehend
There’s something strange, something new
There’s something different, it'll take some getting used to

You gotta bite the bullet

The amateur takes the wheel
The professional loses his place
There’s competition over community
It’s a difference out of the ordinary

You gotta bite the bullet
Til there’s something gained
You gotta bite the bullet
Til you can win again
You gotta bite the bullet
Get past the wall in your path
You gotta bite the bullet
Push through the aftermath

The newlyweds have hit a wall
Something that they never foresaw
Fighting til they both are hurt
Didnt know it’d take so much effort

Don't give in
Don't flatline
Don't surrender
You gotta survive
Don't lose yourself
Fight from your heart
Do all that you can
You gotta fight hard
Track Name: Colorful Fall
I dont belong here
It's not that I feel wrong here
It's harder to carry a cross
In the land of your own uncertainty
I find it funny
The things I hate most are within me
The harder we force ourselves to be perfect
The harder, harder it seems to be

In this colorful fall
In the rainbow stumble
I found myself in you
You saved me
You used my multicolored hardships
Inside my dark blackened heart
Youve illuminated, illuminated me

I'm feeling golden
But im gettin bluer every sunset
I wait for the sunrise everytime
That I see it fall away
I’m seein black and white
While they're out pickin fights
It's all black and white
With barely any gray

And I’m golden
And I'm orange
And I'm every shade of red
I'm the colors
Oh the colors
All the colors
Of my fall, fall, fall

In this colorful fall
In the rainbow stumble
You beautified my soul
You changed me
You used my multicolored hardships
Inside my dark blackened heart
You've illuminated, illuminated me